How to customize outgoing email notifications

LiveForm now has a shiny new feature! The ability to customize the email notifications that you receive when a form is submitted. Let us look at an example of how to do this.

Let us setup a form from the beginning to see how to create custom outgoing email notifications.

  1. Create a formCreate a new Form
  2. Browse to the new “Customizable email templates” tab in the form.Customizable email templates tab
  3. Create a new email notification templateCreate a new notification template Let us look at all the fields on this page in detail. We have a recipients input field which allows you to fill the recipients for this new notification. This can be filled with multiple recipient emails. The Subject template as the name implies is the template for the subject of the outgoing email. This template can have any text plus data using the liquid markup language. In this example we are creating a subject line using the first 100 characters of a field named message in our form. The Body template is actually simpler, it just takes whatever was received in the message input field and adds <br> tags instead of newlines.

That is it! We have successfully created a new notification template. Let us use our new test drive feature to test out our form.

Go to the form’s messages tab and click on the “Test your form” button. Messages tab

This page allows you to test the new form we just created by sending it data Test your form

Let us submit some test data into this form. Filled up test form

This the email that I received. As you can see, the subject and body of the email have been created based on our subject and body templates. Email notification